What Dances do you teach?

We teach all the dances you dance with a partner including all the socially popular ones!  These include: Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Rumba, Swing, Cha Cha, Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, West Coast Swing, Bolero, Paso Doble, Viennese Waltz and more!

Do I need a partner?

No!  Many of our students come on their own and dance with an instructor.  They have a great time and learn to be adaptable to all kinds of dancers :)   We recommend that if you do not have a regular partner you want to dance with that you do come on your own.  

What are your hours?

The schools are open from noon until 10pm Monday through Friday.  Some of the locations teach on the weekends.   Please ask them directly for those hours

What are your LOCATIONS?

We are located in:  London, Oakville, Hamilton, Kitchener, and Ottawa.  See Locations for details on the school that is closest to you

Do you help with first dances for a wedding?

Absolutely!  We want you to have your dream day!  We work with you specifically to make sure you get what you need! 

What is an introductory special?

An introductory special gets you acquainted with the school of your choice.  You get some one on one time with an instructor so you are properly introduced to everything we do in the schools.  If you are brand new to dancing, we highly recommend that you get to know and feel the socially popular dances to see what you like and what you don't like.  Think of it like a restaurant tasting; you want to see what you like on the menu.  If you already know about the dances, feel free to tell your instructor what you are looking for :) 

How long are the lessons?

We start you off with 1/2 hour private lessons but you will be at the school for 45 minutes.   Once you are acquainted wth the school, they are 40 minute lessons.  

What is the pricing after the introductory special?  

This can vary quite a bit depending on what you are looking for.  Prices range from $25.00 to infinity - depending on what you would like to do!  People make their own programs so you have control over everything - your dance goals, your time and, of course, your dance budget :). 

What should i wear? 

Most people come in a business casual type outfit. We don’t mind as long as you are comfortable! The most important thing is the shoes. You want them to be completely dry (so they haven’t been outside in a few days) and clean (no debris). For the bottom of the shoe, you don’t want anything with too much of a tread.  Most ‘go out’ shoes are perfect. 

What is a practice party lesson?

A practice party is when the students and staff all get together for a social event and practice their dancing! We do these once or twice a month. Drinks and snacks are free (and yes, there is liquid confidence) and everyone just comes and practice social dancing!. There is someone at a mic telling you what song and dance go together so you get used to the music and what dance goes with what type of song, You also get to enjoy a floor show at every party. This showcases all the levels in the school and allows you to see all the teachers dance. It’s a really good time! 

how do i get the most value out of my lessons?

Keep your first few lessons as close together as possible!  It helps with retention and makes it a lot of fun to learn!