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People love tango for its emotional depth, connection with a partner, beautiful music, cultural significance, and the opportunity for personal and artistic expression.  It's a dance that speaks to the heart and sould of those who embrace it.

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Tango holds a special place in the heart of dancers.  It has a unique ability to convey a variety of emotions from passion & desire to melancholy & nostalgia.  Tango dancers get to express their inner most feelings and connect with their partners on a deep emotional level with subtle but strong communication

Tango music is rich, evocative, and often deeply moving.  Many people are captivated by the beauty and complexity of tango music, which enhances the love of dance.  Tango dancers express their individuality well and get to be creative inside the fundamental structure of the dance.

Tango has a rich history and cultural significance, particularly in Argentina and Uruguay.  Some are drawn to the dance becasue of its cultural heritage and the desire to connect with its origin

People also enjoy the challenge of Tango and enjoy mastering complex movements and techniques.  The process to continuous improvement and refinement can be deeply rewarding.  

There is SO much love of Tango

Pope Francis

"I love Tango and used to dance it when I was young"

"In Tango, heaven is found through the simple gift of grace.  Go out on the dance floor with the person that happens to be right for the moment, opening one's heart and falling in love again. Anonymous.


 I believe that Tango has the potential to bring out the best in each of us, at least while in the embrace.  We surrender our egos; leave prickly personality traits at the table; and cease to be CEOs, taxi drivers, engineers, unemployed. We replace all our externals with a purity of spirit, a generosity of kindness, splendid caring. And when these elements flow freely between partners, it is... the joy." 

Naomi Hotta

"Warning: Tango contains highly addictive ingredients such as pain, pleasure, passion, excitement, connection, freedom, torment, and bliss

Tango is a four legged animal with 2 beating hearts.  It is creating 2 into 1 in every way.

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