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Canadian Astaire Awards Ball

Pan Pacific Hotel

May 5-7, 2023

Session #1

Friday May 5th, 2023; General Admission is 8:30pm


Enjoy watching our competitors dance Foxtrot, Waltz, Tango, and Viennese Waltz

You will see some gorgeous choreography and stunning patterns as our competitors hit the floor!

Feel in awe as you see the most stunning gowns and formal wear light up the room!

See the Best Dancers in Ontario!  Watch the Teachers compete and flow around the dance floor!

(all payments are done through Stripe for your protection!)

Session #2

Saturday May 6th, 2023; General Admission is 9:30am - 5:00pm Lunch is included!  


Enjoy watching our competitors dance Rumba, Cha Cha, Eastern Swing, Western Swing, Samba, Salsa, Mambo, Bolero, Merengue!

Enjoy amazing Latin dancing with choreography and patterns to a WOW!

Be amazed by SOLOS and FORMATIONS!  We spend 50 hours on one routine!  Get pulled into an emotional story as you watch!

Enjoy Dancing in Jeans!  Love the country vibe?  This is a ton of fun to watch! 

Get CERTIFIED in your dancing!  We have a huge trophy ball where people receive their certification.  Never forget how important celebrating is in the learning process. Come Join Us!

Session #3

Saturday May 6th, 2023; General Admission is 8:45pm


This is the BEST social dance night you will experience all year!   Join a Gigantic dance party where laughter, fun, play and delight fill the room!

Raise Money for the ALZHEIMER Association!  Get a taste of the competition and buy a heat with a teacher from any school

Join us for the Presentation of Awards!  Discover Top Couple, Top Male, Top Female, Top Multi-champ, and Top School!

Enjoy the BEST-OF Floorshow!  See all the top rated dancers in a FABULOUS show!

The BEST Way to Become a Great Dancer FAST!

Emerging yourself into the dance culture has the best success for becoming a wonderful dancer at a fast pace!  We want to dance, not learn how to dance!   When you see dancing live, you pick up on those subtle practices that all dancers strive for.  Seeing movement in 3D is waaaaaay better than a screen.   

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Learn why students Compete!

  1. Having a deadline always produces faster results
  2. Teachers feel the pressure to help you perform
  3. You get extra learning material
  4. Teaches Showmanship
  5. Winning or losing is not as important as what was learned to get there
  6. New Friends!  You can't go to a comp and not come back as a close family member 
  7. Learn to encourage other members of the team!  We are a true team!  We root for each other and help everyone through team spirit and camaraderie
  8. It is a new WONDERFUL adventure that you will talk about for the rest of your lives!  Need a new holiday story?  This one knocks out of the park!
  9. Learn to dress formally and gain great attire!
  10. Put a deposit into the bank account of memories!  As we get older, we don't want things as much as we want experiences!

Competing is the Magic Formula being an Amazing Dancer!

Pan Pacific Hotel

Plenty of Parking!  Let us know if you would like a room!

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