The BEST Way to Get Exercise without Dying of Boredom!

Exercise.  We all know we need it but finding the motivation?  Lots of things keep coming up!  I have to cuddle with my dog, there's a new show on Netflix, my nails are too long, I have split ends...you know, that list.  The best way to exercise is keep it a secret!  Shhhhh....Don't tell yourself you're exercising.  Move and groove to your favourite tune instead.

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An Unbelievably Easy Way to Gain Self Confidence

Here is a scientifically proven formula for you....and it is what most people do.  Learn to dance well enough that you can walk onto a dance floor with confidence.  Once you have gained that confidence, you can apply it everywhere - job, home, kids, spouse - it works and gives jaw-dropping results!  Self confidence is the most desirable personality trait in the world, and through dance, you get amazing results without having to rehash the past issues that may have damaged your self confidence in the first place!   100% positive and 100% results. 

The #1 Healthiest Activity in the World!

Want a one-stop-shopping experience?  Mind, body, soul...check!  

1.  Dancing gives that mind of yours a break!  Ever heard over analysis causes paralysis? YEPPERS!  Do something that gets you out of your head especially if you are stuck thinking all day!  It is surprisingly effective! 

2. We need to talk about body health!  It is a game-changer.  Walk the best, get stellar posture, and prevent dementia.   Yup!  All at once. Undeniably, it is the best exercise you can do especially if you want to target your whole body. Big muscles and small.  Surely you want to keep all your muscles in good health, especially the popular ones - abs, biceps, triceps and more!

3. Soul?  Here is what you don't know about dance, it is so much more than moving on the dance floor and it is so much more than steps; it is an State of Mind.  It is a way for you to control your thoughts.  Tired of reading another self-help book? Try dancing. It is a ton of  fun and relieves stress so effectively your entire being is healthier.

Is You Life Running Out Of FUN?  Here's How to Fix It!

Is your world becoming too intense?  Get a guaranteed method for avoiding a life that is too serious or lonely.  Here's the amazing thing about dancing, it can't be done alone and it can't be done without people.  Just check out the pictures and videos.  Smiles everywhere, laughter everywhere, gratitude EVERYWHERE!  

getting out to events

make great friendships

Don't let yourself rip off the value of social contact, friendships, and community. If you have a weak social world, things are more likely to fall apart when life hands you lemons. What do we help you do? Make lemonade! Keep your social circle big.  Social education is more important than academic education to your personal happiness and success!

amazing dinners

everything is 5 stars

How to Permanently stop your stress even when you have tried everything!   Literally, just hang out with us and dance!  Touch therapy, marriage therapy, movement therapy.  We cover all the 'apys' including spring rolls and antojitos.  Everything we do is an event!  Always have a place to dress up, wear sparkles, and be the best version of you!

always improving

strive to be great!

Here's a little known fact about dance, it is an investment that gets better with time! Once you have the skill, you'll use it everywhere...forever.  Trust us, once you are a dancer, you will run into dancing way more often than you think!  Every vacation, weddings, galas, night clubs, grocery store aisles, airports.  Dancing is truly everywhere.

personal cheerleaders

stay motivated

Need some positive energy to handle another day?  No matter where you are  in life, at some point, you are going to need positive cheerleaders.  Sometimes it's a random day and you wonder whether its the weather, other times its a tough life circumstance. Either way, we are here to give you a positive boost.   Need a mood adjustment? Just give us 5!

Try Dancing and Inherit a very ENTERTAINING dance Family!