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The Dances

Rumba, Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Cha Cha, West Coast Swing, East Coast Swing, Waltz, Foxtrot Tango, Viennese Waltz, Paso Doble, Bolero and so much more! 



These are the most popular types of lessons and elevate your skills one-on-one!  They are the quickest way to unlock your dance potential!  The personalized attention is tailored to your pace and style and ensures rapid progress!  


Join us in a group setting and share the joy of learning to dance with others!   Get to know people in your level and practice your steps!  


Dive into our vibrant community where laughter and shared enthusiasm fuel the dance floor! Make friends, boost your confidence and have a social experience that turns every moment into a celebration of movement! 



Want a personalized dance?  We design dances to your song for your special day!


Want something specific?  Design your own program!  We do Everything 

Introducing Tym and Brenna dancing the Bachata!  They have just graduated to a higher level!  Great job!


Hey there Rhythm Rebels!  Bachata will have you dancing through life from ear to ear!  If your dance skills are turning rusty and you need a cure for two left feet, bachata is a dynamite dance for you!  You'll be turning and swaying in no time!  Turn your kitchen into a dance floor and your cat into an amazed audience :) 

Is it time to Become a MASTER in Relationship Building?

Everyone goes to school for the brain but what about school for your social life?  Ever dreaded social moments cause you know it's going to be awkward?  Partnership, in ALL. of its forms, holds profound importance in our lives.  It is the cornerstone upon which we build relationships, businesses, and communities.  But let's be honest...building relationships can be like constructing a house of cards...but with a few more laughs and less falling towers (hopefully).  Then there is the dreaded moment...are you at that one card that might knock it all down?  Now imagine super glue holding those cards together.  Not so fragile right?  Dancing is that super glue.  

And don't forget we need to be ready for that accidental bump into your future soulmate! Just remember it's not a relationship until you've had at least three inside jokes and a mutual dislike for a fictional TV character. 

what our customers are saying

Finally got to take advantage of a Gift Certificate I got as a gift from my daughter. Best thing I’ve done… great experience every time we walked in the doors. Staff are great and friendly and when they say family they mean it. Went to a Party after 1 lesson, walked in fleeing out of place, that didn’t last long… Now just to get my schedule organized so I can continue learning and having fun

Personal Trainer 

"Fred Astaire is an amazing place! They treat you like family the second you walk in the door. The instructors are patient with  explanations and have a great sense of humour. I highly recommend this studio to anyone who wants to learn a variety of dances and have fun at the same time!"

Heather M.


Fred Astaire is a wonderful place to learn and grow as a dancer. As a new dancer, I was nervous. However, the staff make you comfortable from the start and catered a program to suit my learning goals! Highly recommend!

Mark D.



Waltz is the dance that makes you feel like you've stepped into a Jane Austen novel!  It is time for you to channel your inner royalty and feel like Cinderella and Prince Charming minus the pumpkin.  

Waltz is captivating and definitely romantic - more than a stuffed animal, candlelight, and a cheesy pickup line.  You will be twirling around the living room in no time despite the fact that you may have tripped over your own feet last week.  

So Waltz is the timeless classic that has been a staple of formal events like weddings and balls for centuries. It is written in the 3/4 time  and holds melodic beauty which adds to the overall charm.  

Of course Waltz is brilliant at improving posture, balance, and cardiovascular fitness.  It offers a gentle form of exercise to keep everyone active.  It is well known for its stress relief soothes those nasty daily pressures.

The Importance of Staying Healthy!

Getting healthy is like trying to fold a fitted sheet:  you hear it's possible but does anyone really enjoy the experience? Best thing about dancing...you get fit without knowing it.  

Curious about why so many Doctors, Nurses, Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Therapists, and top business professionals dance?  Here's some Stats for you!

  • Ballroom and Latin dancing can raise the heart rate anywhere from 80- 120 (more for some of us) beats per minute. Sustained in a 2 minute burst over a 45 minute period will build not only your heart strength  but its endurance as well. 
  • It's dance technique uses the perfect blend of isotonic and isometric resistance (the two key factors in building and toning muscle) the blend and use of the muscles is the perfect for building beautiful tone in the muscle without building a lot of muscle mass
  • According to the American journal of medicine, the best way to avoid arthritis, and to remedy current joint discomfort is to continue to use the joints in a controlled manner. Dance is amazing at achieving this.
  • The frame or posture maintained places the spine in a natural and correct position even more correct than when standing  or sitting naturally!  This puts all of your organs in alignment which is now thought by many medical professionals to prevent sickness, disease and fatigue.
  • The hold of partner dancing is Hug Therapy.  You get the security of a hug without the need for intimacy


Foxtrot is all about gliding gracefully across the dance floor with your partner, looking as suave as James Bond - minus the explosions and secret service agents (well, we might be able to arrange that at a party). Picture yourself in a ballroom, moving with such smoothness that you glide through your dramatic plot twists with grace and poise.  Be prepared to walk with Flair and confidence everywhere you go...and don't be surprised if you start to exchange sultry glances with your house mates.  

Get an Amazing Dance For Your Wedding!

Step into the spotlight and twirl your way to a wedding dance that will leave your guests in awe!  Tired to the classic "sway and shuffle" at weddings?  It's time to upgrade to a dance that will make your special day truly unforgettable!   Our wedding dance lessons are not just about steps: they're creating magical moments.  Imagine gliding across the dance floor like a fairy tale prince and princess with all eyes on you.  No more awkward shuffles, forgotten moves, or stepped-on toes - we've got you covered!  We offer personalized lessons tailored to your skill level and music choice.  Whether you dream of an elegant waltz, a sizzling salsa, or a playful cha cha, we'll make sure you first dance as a married couple is a showstopper!  

Our lessons are designed to be fun and stress free.  We understand that wedding planning can be overwhelming, so our experienced instructors will ensure you have a.blast while learning.  You'll not onlu gain dance skills but also create precious memories together.  So say goodbye to wedding dance jitters and hello to a dance that will be remembered for a lift time!  Don't just have a wedding, have a wedding dance that will make your guests cheer and your hearts sing.    


Love my dance experience here! Instructors pay detailed attention to my expressed goals and wishes. They regularly check in with me to ensure I am enjoying my lessons. My learning pace is just right for me! I very highly recommend this studio! Kate and staff take excellent care of me!

Carla M.



Remember in High School when you did the hug and shuffle?  This dance will rescue you!  It is a romantic dance that will help you shine to all those love songs at the next wedding!  It will also explain your impromptu dance moves in the grocery store aisle as your hips strive to shine!  This dance is fun fabulous and is your go-to option.  It's the ultimate way to turn any moment into a laugh-out-loud dance party and who can resist that kind of joy?

Are You Struggling With Any of These?

Feature 01
Social Anxiety

If you have ever felt afraid of going out OR if you have ever gone out and then worried about if you said something wrong, been something wrong, did something wrong, looked something wrong, got judged for something wrong then....you are grappling with social anxiety!  Boooooo.   It's the worst!   It is such an isolating, limiting feeling that stops well...everything.  Come dancing.  It gives you fun, friendly warm non-judgy people to hang out with.  Not ready to go out?  Private lessons are perfect until you are ready.  You're social but safe at the same time!

Feature 02

Wouldn't the world be easier if there were no people in it? Here's the common life frustrations.  

  • I love you, but you are not doing what I need
  • I need to win the lottery.  
  • Can somebody please make me laugh today?
  • Ugh. Action guys.  Stop meeting! 
  • Mmmmm...You're not smart. 
  • Where are the ethics and values in this?

Guess what these thoughts do? STRESS.  Get it OUT of your body!  Dance is the best stress relief in the world!  

Feature 03

Are you over-controlling?  Making a to-do list for your to-do list, colour coding the sock drawer?   Feel like you are trying to manage a circus wth neurotic acrobats and you are the ringmaster with a clipboard?  If you're friends say 'just go with the flow', you wonder, have they met your colour-coded flowchart yet?  Well, Over-controlling is a double edged sword.  On one hand, it may arise from a genuine desire for order and safety and can offer exceptional planning. On the other hand, it can also lead to strained relationships and missed opportunities.  Is can halt your spontaneity, stifle your creativity and put rigidity in place you resent. Need to find some balance between control and flexibility?   Dance and learn how to harness the benefits of control while embracing the beauty of uncertainty and the richness of spontaneity!

Feature 04

Ever thought you didn't have time to play?  Well, guess what, play is the magical key to unlocking your inner child, unleashing creativity and sprinkling fun into your life.  Don't forget the joy that comes with letting go of your adult worries for awhile. Rediscover the simple pleasures, laugh at silly jokes, and relish the freedom to just be yourself.  Come grab a sense of wonder and become brighter, stronger, and more alert.  Dancing will help you strike a balance between seriousness and playfulness and this is essential for a well-rounded life!  Embracing humour, laughter, and moments of lightheartedness can reduce stress, improve mental well-being, and foster strong connections with others.  It allows us to acknowledge that life, while important and purposeful also contains moments of joy and levity that shouldn't be overlooked.  

Feature 05
Misery and Negativity

Negativity, like a looming cloud, has the power to cast a shadow over our thoughts, emotions and actions. It manifests as pessimism, criticism, and a focus on problems rather than solutions.  While it's natural to experience negativity from time to time, if you find yourself dwelling in a perpetual state of negativity, you are not functioning in a state of well-being.  If you are finding that your energy is constantly drained, that your personal growth is stuck, and that you have strained relationships, dancing will help dramatically!  Find your way to greater resilience, improved mental health and a more optimistic perspective on life's challenges.  

Feature 06

If you feel a profound sense of isolation and disconnection, you are struggling with a lack of social connection.   Loneliness can be particularly challenging because we might be with people but we're not with people.  It's worse now with technology because it looks so much like we have friends at our finger tips.  But the digital age substituted virtual interactions for genuine human connection...ummmm not the same thing.  Don't forget, we have an innate need for companionship, understanding, and belonging which prompts us to seek out relationships, fostering empathy and look for kindness.  Let's work on this for you. Dance will cultivate a sense of self-worth and contentment that leads to connection but also provides solace even when we are, actually alone. 


Cha Cha, the dance that's like the lovechild of a conga line and a salsa party!  It is all about those infectious beats and moves that are so catchy even your grandma will start grooving!  If you've eve been unsure about ho w to make an entrance, just remember that the Cha Cha walk is your ticket to becoming the coolest cucumber in the room.  It's like a confidence strut combined with a cheeky cha-cha-cha and it's have you feeling like the star of your very own TV show!  Just add some dramatic pauses fo rextra flair!  Imagine dancing with a partner and you both suddenly break into a synchronized series of quick steps, turns and hip sways!  It's like a surprise party on the dance floor and everyone's invited!  If you are ready to add a dash of spicy fun to your dance repertoire, Cha Cha is the way to go!  

Love one stop shopping?

Dance Helps with Everything!

Need Something to Pull you off the Couch?

Loving your couch is a serious commitment!  It may have become your confidant, trusty napping spot, and the therapist that will never interrupt!  But it might be time to do that tough break-up thang- even though it was a match made in upholstery heaven!   

If you need some help getting up to get some Go in your life (other than work - you workaholics), it is gotta be something that makes you laugh and gets those awesome endorphins going!  For extra help, there's a friendly, motivated, warm, enthusiastic and loving instructor to call you if you get stuck :). 

The Power of Meeting New People!

Meeting new people is like a game of social roulette.  Will you get a delightful conversationalist or someone who insists on showing you their stamp collection?  But hey, every new encounter is a chance of unexpected hilarity so let's find YOUR people. 'Your people' are those that truly accept you for who you are and help you be the best version of yourself.  Here's a rule of thumb, go toward the people that make you feel big and run from the people that make you feel small.  Your people will change as you grow and learn - so you need a community that has flow - the familiar and the unfamiliar but you want them to be happy, healthy, and positive.  

What a beautiful experience, dancing has brought me to life in a positive way. I feel happy and free! I just love it and will never stop. The atmosphere is so friendly and welcoming. Beautiful people work here, who are so patient. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment. Such a positive experience, I would highly recommend to everyone!


Build Great Health Habits

You may not be thinking of old age yet, but here is some wisdom for you. Duct tape or chocolate fix everything... (We wish!)  Here's really some important advice:  take care of your body; it is the only place you ever really live. Learn what great posture  is and how you should hold it in your body, learn about your joints and how not to land on them as you walk. Learn how to build the small muscles - not just the big ones.  Do an activity that prevents dementia so you don't have to worry about that phase of your life.  Guess what does all that and more?  Dance :) 

Build Positivity

You can't learn how to dance (well not with us anyway) without absorbing the infectious positivity.  Negativity is like a rainy day in a convertible.  It's a real mood spoiler and you end up with a wet seat.  But everyone needs a rainbow umbrella.  But sometimes you can't find the darn thing cause it is too wet to see.  Dance, and our team, are so good at popping up that cute umbrella when it's raining in your world!   Sometimes, you just need someone else's sunshine and butterflies.  Might as well hang out with supportive people that know the power of positivity and connection.  It is also amazing that dancing is the most admired social skill in the world and that's always fun! 


Tango is not just a dance, it's a chance to channel your inner dramatic movie star.  Imagine yourself in a dimly lit room, wearing your finest attire, giving longing glances to your partner and dancing like you're in an old black-and-white film.  Who needs dialogue when you've got those fancy footwork exchanges?  This is not just the dance with dramatic gazes and intense embraces, but it's also a hilarious journey of fun and laughter so don't be surprised if you end up in giggles!    

Build TRUST Fast!

Whether business, family, romantic or friendship, trust is the base of all of them.  So what builds trust fast?  Consistency of message.  You may have worked hard on your words, but what about your body's consistency?   Get good at body communication and you'll be more successful.  

  • Learn about how the body communicates - whether consciously or subconsciously
  • Learn how to make your body confident so others perceive you as trustworthy
  • Learn how to relax people with your body - even in tough situations
  • Learn the power of play and laughter to enhance your career and outside relationships


Looking to add a little zippiy-zap to your life?  Imagine you are transported back to the Roaring Twenties, dressed in your snazzy vintage attire and ready to swing into action.  No more boring conversations at partes - you'll be too busy swing dancing - acing those fancy moves!  Get a pure license to 'goof off' and feel like a kid again.  Wit the toe-tapping, finger snapping music, your music lists will go from mundane to magnificent - filling the kitchen with excitement.  this is a laughter-infusion cardio workout that transports you to a bygone era of style, flair, and all-out fun. 


Our dance community is a supportive and welcoming family where friendships flourish. Connect with fellow dancers who share your passion, collaborate on exciting routines, and create memories that will last a lifetime.  together we celebrate the beauty of movement.

This is  Angie and Jeff!  You can feel the rhythm of the sensational mambo dance! 


Fast Footwork, Intricate Spins, Rhythmic Hip Movements

Salsa!  It is not just a condiment, it's the sauciest dance on the planet!  🌶️

Imagine a dance that's as spicy as your grandma's secret chilli recipe and as hot as a summer afternoon in Havana.  It's like a tropical dance party where your hips fiesta on their own!  

Remember, if you drop em, it's not salsa, it's salsa-tion

Want More Deets?  Salsa gives you an intense feeling of  joy as you embrace lively music and joyful partnership.  It has passion and ignites euphoria as the infectious rhythm takes over!  As in all partner dancing, salsa has a strong connection both physically and emotionally and will create a sense of closeness and unity!

Our 48 years of Experience 

A long time ago, the Fred Astaire Dance Studio organization, had to make a choice between developing a chain that could offer professional dance instruction, quality competitions, exciting outings, continued world class training for our students and staff, beautiful surroundings, or just a place where you could come dance and learn just to get by. With these decisions facing the founders of our company, they tried to put themselves in their students' shoes. They felt that students would prefer to deal with a studio that puts everything possible into the training of its professional instructors, and one that offers a high quality curriculum. They decided that a dance studio that uses unqualified instructors may save on labor costs, but definitely would not be of the quality that many students would desire. Our aim is to provide a service for the person who doesn't want to just get by. We are dedicated to providing satisfactory lessons, by highly trained instructors. We will provide excellent personalized service, instruction, and social activities that will be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Mike' Loves It!

My wife and I and our best friends have been talking for years about taking dance lessons. Well, a family wedding this summer has prompted us to take the plunge. I can’t say enough good things about the whole experience. The studio and staff are extremely welcoming. The follow up and post lesson communication encourages you to learn on your own and creates excitement for the next lesson. Our instructor, Ryan, is probably the biggest reason we enjoy it so much. He is engaging, patient, encouraging and is able to help convey the principles behind being a better dancer and dance partner. Thanks Ryan and team.


We buy insurance for our house, car, travel, and even our jewelry but it's crazy not to buy insurance for your lifetime relationships.  We all experience the dreaded STRESS...and most of us have some on an ongoing basis but what if it starts to whittle away at our daily happiness?  Your partner is absolutely affected.   If you carve out of your week time to laugh, smile, and create joy with your partner, your relationships will be much better off.

Our Clients

It's Like Family!  

Fred Astaire is an amazing place! They treat you like family the second you walk in the door. My instructor, is very knowledgeable and talented. He is patient with his explanations and he has a great sense of humour. I highly recommend this studio to anyone who wants to learn a variety of dances and have fun at the same time!

heather - TEACHER

Easy to Work With!

They are so wonderful to work with. We came to them for help learning a dance for our wedding and they delivered! It was very easy to learn from them and we had so much fun in our lessons. Cannot recommend them enough!

Kelsey - Getting married

Tailored Lessons to My Goals

I've just started getting back into ballroom, and the team at Fred Astaire has been incredibly helpful and fun! They're great in tailoring the lessons to the dancers' goals, and it's been a blast getting back into dance again in such a welcoming space!



Don't miss out on this transformative power of dance.  Join us and embark on a journey that will ignite your spirit, invigorate your body, and fill your life with rhythm, passion, and pure joy!

"When you dance, you truly come alive"  ~ Alex K.

How to Get Ready for Your First Dance Lesson!

How To Get the Highest Value Out of Your Introductory Special

"The one thing that can solve all our problems is dancing"

James Brown

  • Keep your lessons as close together as possible.  You will retain so  more!  :) 
  • Take a "first date" with all the dances!  Discover all the aspects of dance and sample them.  Think of this like coming to a restaurant.  Sample all the food, have fun, and see what you like and don't like!  
  • Have an EVENT where you have specific needs.  Let your instructor know all the details on day one. They will make sure you get started on that right away!